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Anger Counseling

Anger comes in a variety of forms - but nearly all are destructive. 

Anger is an uncomfortable emotion that, like a car dash light, warns us that something is wrong inside. Sadly, many people choose to just ignore it and hope it will go away. (But how often does that really work?) 


Anger is complex.  It involves every part of us - cognitive, emotional, physiological, spiritual, and behavioral.  Using a holistic approach, NSC encourages and equips clients to

  • understand the nature and phases of anger,

  • identify practical strategies for controlling it, and

  • redirect anger as a constructive force.


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NSC Anger Counseling Strategies

Pre-anger Phase

  • Dealing with anger from the past

  • Replacing unhelpful ideas about anger

  • Satisfying personal needs and primary problems

  • Identifying and avoiding triggers

  • Preparing for when triggers occur


Anger Control Phase

  • Applying practical strategies for personal grounding

  • Applying de-escalation skills (for self and others)

  • Using evidence-based ACT and CBT strategies

Problem Solving Phase

  • Using anger's energy in constructive ways

  • Communicating more effectively

  • Responding with values-based behaviors

Each week we help men, women, and teens who are struggling with issues related to anger.  We provide new insights, encourage new emotions, and provide practical help with new behaviors. We can help YOU too. 

Contact us today and start your journey!


Here is a free diagram of the possible causes of anger issues.

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We can help. 

Are you ready to take your next step toward managing and redirecting your anger?

Invest in yourself, your family, and your future by sending us a message using the Contact NSC form below.

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