Anger Counseling

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Anger comes in a variety of forms - but nearly all are destructive.  Anger is one of those uncomfortable emotions that, like a car dash light, warn us when something is wrong. Sadly, many people choose to just ignore it and hope it will go away. (But how often does that really work?) NSC encourages and equips clients to understand the natural emotion of anger, identify strategies for controlling it, and redirect anger as a constructive force.



NSC Anger Counseling Strategies

Strategy #1   Anger management - Anger is reflexive emotion that erupts when a stressor is encountered. Like many emotions, anger can be very helpful and constructive. But when uncontrolled, it can produce tremendous damage to a person, a family, friends, and coworkers.  We help clients defuse the buttons that erupt into rage by calming the physiological reactions.

Strategy #2  Rethinking Anger  

We help our clients identify the thoughts that contribute to their anger. Once identified, these thoughts can be changed to bring about new emotions, moods, and behaviors. Using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) methodologies, we can encourage and equip clients to effectively manage their anger. Anger can even be redirected in positive ways. 

Strategy #3 Spiritual Growth. Clients who want to include this aspect of growth will learn to use traditional historic soul care and spiritual disciplines which help bring about the opposite of harmful anger - love, kindness, patience, and peace.  Since anger frequently comes from unmet longings and personal needs, we help people find practical ways to satisfy their deeper longings and therefore address the sources of their anger. 

Here is a free diagram of the possible causes of anger issues.

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