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Identity Counseling

Identity is the term used for a person's view of him/herself.  Identity is the "real essential me." The "you" beneath your looks, skills, and roles.  If you lost your job, your skills, your roles, or your ability to do things, what is left?  The answer is your IDENTITY.  

Our identity is the foundation of our lives. Like a house, our lives are built upon and stabilized by our conclusions about our selves.  When this foundation gets weak, our emotions, thoughts, and behaviors start to suffer causing a wide variety of problems.



Identity-related Depression



Social anxiety

Mid-life Crisis

and more

More than just "finding yourself," Identity Counseling not only helps to answer the important foundational identity questions but also helps you enjoy the answers. Self-worth, self-respect, and an accurate self-image are essential for a secure and fulling life. 

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Here are a few strategies NCS uses to help clients develop strong, integrated, and helpful identities


Strategy #1   Personality tests can help clients identify God-given strengths. 

Strategy #2   Examine client's current identity ideas and explore their origins. Family Dynamic theories are often helpful here.  

Strategy #3   A key part of NCS's identity counseling is to equip and encourage clients challenge faulty identity thoughts and develop more accurate ones. (CBT and/or Biblical Counseling)  

We can help.

Are you ready to take your next step toward an abundant and confident life?

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