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  • How do you describe the ideal client-therapist relationship?
    A mentoring and coaching relationship must be filled with respect, patience, and partnership. The client should view the therapist as a trusted, wise, safe, and compassionate friend who also serves as a loving mentor.
  • What is the overall goal of your services?
    The modern word we use to describe our goal is thriving. We work hard to encourage and equip clients to thrive. An older word is Shalom. Though used in Jewish culture as a greeting or a goodbye, the ancient word shalom is rich with meaning. It means holistic thriving, integrity, wholeness, prosperity, and tranquility in every area of life (emotions, finances, relationships, spirit, vocation, security). A modern translation of the word shalom is peace. Everything we do at NSC is aimed at helping struggling people enjoy shalom (holistic peace and personal thriving), to equip them to continue the journey and to help others along the way. Imagine the change in our community if each client left NSC equipped to grow and help others take their next steps. ​
  • What can I expect from NSC counseling/coaching sessions?
    Each session will include comfort and compassion a review of progress towards your goal some helpful education about the issue you are facing a discussion about the items that are important to you practical goal-directed "next steps" to continue your growth an encouraging "big picture" reminder of the journey you're taking Our sessions can be described as casual, relational, honest, hopeful, and safe.
  • Do you accept Credit Cards?
    Yes. NSC fees can be paid by debit cards, credit cards, or HSA cards using our secure online payment methods.
  • What kind of Biblical Counseling do you offer?
    We get this question a lot. Perhaps the best way to answer it is to use the diagram below. For clients who desire this type of help, we provide Biblical Counseling along with Cognitive and Behavioral methods. Biblical Counseling is a rapidly growing field that takes seriously the role of Scripture, prayer, the active personal ministry of God, and the dynamics of the human soul. Good news of hope, change, joy, and peace can be found on every page of the Bible. While NSC does not ignore the role of medicine and true wisdom gathered by secular psychology, we build on the foundation of historic, trusted, biblical methods of reshaping the heart, mind, and soul. Clients are free to interpret these through their worldview, accepting or rejecting them as we go. If you want more information about this important question, please send us a message using the Contact NSC form (below) with more specific questions or use the scheduling page to set up a free exploratory phone call.
  • Who are your ideal clients?
    An ideal counseling/coaching client is a person who is motivated to change, grow, and take the next step towards an abundant life. We want to work with clients who value input and are willing to try new things to produce new results. We specialize in the topics listed on this website. We are not the best choice for those suffering from psychosis, DSM personality disorders, or other "serious mental illnesses" (SMI). ​
  • What qualifies you to serve as a counselor or coach? Why should someone trust you?
    We fully understand that our clients are exposing the most sensitive areas of their lives. Over the last 35 years, Dave has received a variety of academic trainings, he has served countless individuals and families, and he has a God-given empathetic personality. Counseling individuals, couples, and families has been integral to his work as a pastor and biblical counselor for 35 years.
  • What if I cannot afford the full fee?
    In general, counseling fees can seem high, but they reflect the costs counselors have to absorb to maintain their practices. It bothers us that taxes, insurance, legal requirements, EHR software, and other business expenses require us to charge fees at all. Limited benevolence funds are available to assist with a portion of the fees following the initial session. Please speak to the counselor about this during your first session. NSC is also willing to work with churches that are willing to help cover your counseling fees with thier benevolence funds. ​
  • What role does Christianity play in your counseling?
    Answer: As much or as little as you want. We seek to help clients apply their beliefs and worldviews to their journey. Clients will be asked to describe the desired role spirituality should play in their sessions. if clients do not want to discuss faith, we will honor that. If clients seek biblical wisdom regarding their issues, the therapist will include this in the discussions. Dave has three decades of experience and training in helping people apply the Bible to their daily lives and struggles. We enjoy seeing the Lord bless people in our sessions.
  • Can my problems be too much for your counselor?
    It is hard to believe, but what you are experiencing is probably pretty common. Sadly, in our culture, mental health is not talked about much, therefore many people feel all alone and uniquely damaged. This is just not true. According to the CDC, from "August 2020 to February 2021, the percentage of adults with recent symptoms of an anxiety or a depressive disorder increased from 36.4% to 41.5%."(1) You are not alone. What you are experiencing is probably very common. An exploratory call with our counselor will help determine if we can help you.
  • What ages do you serve?
    Our training, experience, and style of counseling/coaching is best suited for clients aged 15 and older.
  • I'm concerned about my privacy. Is my information secure?
    Yes. Confidentiality is an essential part of the therapeutic relationship and helps clients enjoy better outcomes. We are committed to the highest standard of privacy. As an example, NSC uses the top HIPPA-compliant software to handle payments, and paperwork.
  • Do you have evening and weekend hours?
    Yes. We understand that our clients have work and other responsibilities. We try to provide opportunities for all lifestyles. Once you become a client, you'll have access to our secure online scheduling portal to select meeting times that fit into your schedule.
  • Am I a good candidate for counseling?
    While the issues bothering people are very common, the intensity of these struggles can vary. You are a good candidate for counseling if your struggle - has been lingering for months, - is harming your relationships or work, - is causing you significant discomfort, and - you are eager to learn, grow, and change. Are you ready to take steps in a new positive direction?
  • What is the difference between counseling and coaching?
    In many ways these are similar. Counseling is typically the term used for therapy that aims at a client's mental, emotional, or relational distress. Counseling is primarily focused on personal health and growth. Coaching is for those who are not in distress but simply want to improve in certain areas. The primary objective of coaching is to help a client reach a new goal.
  • Do you offer video sessions?
    Yes. We offer video sessions using Google Meet.
  • How long are NSC counseling sessions?
    We give clients as much time as possible. We never want them to feel rushed. However, clients are not required to use all the time. They are free to end a session whenever they wish. The initial session is scheduled to last up to 90 minutes since this is typically a lighter data-gathering session. Subsequent sessions are scheduled to be 60 minutes in length.
  • Do I have to be in crisis to schedule a counseling session?
    Great question. The answer is NO. It is wiser to see a counselor before your discomfort becomes severe. Even when they are feeling fine, many people see a counselor regularly to - gain new insights, - receive fresh encouragement, - get help with an approaching stressor, or - discuss new steps for staying on the right track. Maintenance sessions can be once a month, once a quarter, or once a year.
  • Do you bill insurance companies?
    Unfortunately no. The process has gotten so difficult that many counselors do not accept insurance. NSC can accept HSA cards. And we can provide receipts that in some cases can be submitted to insurance companies for reimbursement. (Check with your insurance company.) Remember that counseling fees average about $238.00 per month and only lasts for a few months. This short-term investment will have life-long benefits for you, your family, and your friends.
  • How would you describe your counselor?
    Dave's previous clients have described him as compassionate, easy-to-talk-to, optimistic, inspiring, wise, bold, and safe. You are invited to schedule a free 15-minute exploratory call to speak with Dave before making your decision. Schedule a call using this link.
  • How many sessions will I need?
    Since each client's situation is different, it is difficult to answer this question. Our belief is that help and lasting change can begin after a few sessions. Most of our clients begin to find relief and direction after the third session. We like to spend a handful of sessions focusing on each troubling issue. NSC does not intend to meet with people longer than necessary. We will stop meeting once the client's goal is reached or we conclude that we are no longer being effective.
  • What "kind" of counseling do you offer?
    This is the most common question we get. Usually, when people ask this question, they want to know which issues we address. Here is the short answer: we specialize in common problems facing individuals, couples, and families. Here is a longer list of topics in which we specialize. ​ Others want to know the type or model of counseling we use. NSC can be best described as Biblical Counseling blended with evidence-based Cognitive-Behavioral, narrative Therapy, and Family Dynamic tools. Here are ourdominant frameworks.
  • Is there hope for me? Can I get better?
    With very few exceptions, the answer is YES! Over the years, counseling has been repeatedly proven to help people with even the most difficult issues. It is more effective and longer-lasting than medications (and no side effects)!
  • Is NSC affiliated with a specific church?
    No. Our clients come from a wide variety of backgrounds. Dave does attend a local congregation and has official oversight by and accountability to the PCA denomination. But you will not be recruited, pressured, or invited to any church. Our counseling seeks to strengthen you in accordance with your beliefs and practices.

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