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Coaching & Counseling for Men

Dudes need counseling too.

We help men help themselves thrive.

Find out why over 65% of our clients are men.  With a bold, blunt, and often humorous style, Dave Crandall will help you identify the root issues limiting you and provide practical tools to overcome them.  Every week, we coach guys to become the men they want to be. In a handful of sessions you'll gather new insights and tools for becoming a better man, partner, father, and friend.

Change your life, your family, and your legacy. Think of a counselor like a sports coach or fitness instructor who equips you for life by providing new thoughts, new emotions, and new behaviors. In counseling, we coach you to help yourself thrive.

What have you got to lose? 

What can you gain?

Hiking Boots

My husband needed a good counselor he could relate to. He never found one.  I wish he had met you. You could've helped him. He would've really liked you.

              - actual statement from a grieving widow. 

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We can help.

Are you ready to help yourself thrive?  Invest in yourself and your family by

sending us a message using the Contact NSC form below.

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