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Addiction Recovery Counseling

In some ways, addiction lies at the foundation of many counseling topics - codependency, forms of depression, worry, anger, eating disorders, etc. 


While counseling should not replace a traditional or Christian-centered 12-step recovery program, many people going through the hard work of recovery seek additional help from counseling.  


Addiction recovery counseling helps clients...

  • work through each of the 12 steps more effectively,

  • expose and address underlying factors,

  • address the guilt and shame associated with addiction,

  • deal with the depression and/or anxiety related to recovery,

  • learn to fight spiritual darkness and temptation,

  • repair relationships damaged by addiction,

  • maintain motivation and momentum.

NSC Addiction Recovery Counseling Strategies

Long-lasting life change - Superficial changes will not work long-term. Each session will focus on deep and lasting change. 

Accountability - Each session includes a detailed review of progress towards sobriety goals 

Education - We educate clients about the various physical, emotional, cognitive, social, and spiritual aspects of addiction and recovery.

Swth. Clientngs and therefore address the sources of their anger. 

Here is a free diagram of the possible causes of anger issues.

Local Celebrate

Recovery Programs


Monday Night

  • Long Hollow Baptist (H'ville) 

Tuesday Night

  • Ephiphany Baptist (Springfield)

  • Community Church (H'ville)

  • Goodlettsville Pentecostal (G'ville)

Wednesday Night

  • Springfield First Baptist  (Springfield)

  • Indian Lake Peninsula Church (H'ville)

Thursday Nights

  • Madison Heights Baptist (Madison)

  • Temple Baptist (White House)

Saturday Night

  • Grace Church of the Nazarene
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We can help. 

Are you ready to take your next step toward lasting sobriety?

Invest in yourself, your family, and your future by sending us a message using the Contact NSC form below.

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