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Parent Coaching

There is not a more important job than parent.  Entire lives are shaped by the actions of parents. Children grow up to make an impact in their families, jobs, and communities - good or bad. And the patterns established by parents are likely to be repeated for generations. 

With a special emphasis on "positive parenting," our counselor has over 35 years of experience working full-time with teens and families, working on the staff of a child-care program, and speaking to parents.  Which of the topics below would help you?

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NSC Parent Coaching Topics

We personalize and apply these topics to custom-fit our clients' particular situations. Can we help you in any of these areas?

  • Parenting with the end in mind - a 25 year project

  • Building a nurturing environment 

  • Providing all that your child needs 

  • Holostic parenting

  • Principle of operant conditioning 

  • Communication

  • Discipline

    • Natural consequences

    • Logical consequences

    • A few rules w/ clear consequences

  • Punishment vs Discipline

  • Problem of expectations

  • Parenting like God

  • Habits of highly effective parents 

  • Thriving as a parent   

  • Maintaining a calm and loving parent’s heart

  • Gathering all your resources

  • Overcoming common obstacles to parenting goals

  • Effective Co-parenting for divorced parents

We can help. 

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