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Anxiety Counseling

Anxiety is an epidemic plaguing Western cultures. 

And it only seems to be growing. 

We can help.

After educating our clients about the primary problems related to anxiety and assisting them to identify the underlying sources causing them to feel “unsafe,” we encourage and equip them to effectively use tools related to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Narrative Therapy, and Biblical Counseling to calm both the symptoms of anxiety and the root issues causing their anxiety so they can enjoy calmer lives. After a few sessions, our clients are equipped to use these strategies on their own.


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Anxiety Symptoms

  • Increased heart rate.

  • Increased rate of respiration.

  • Muscle tension / Sweating.

  • Increased awareness of danger.

  • Limited ability to concentrate on other things.

  • Decreased digestion, nausea, stomach aches.

  • Altered sleep patterns & exhaustion, 

  • Irritability.

  • A pervasive sense of impending danger.

  • Avoidance of potentially stressful daily activities or relationships.


NSC Strategies for helping anxious people thrive


  • Strategy #1  Changing your environment  It is often helpful for clients to address and reduce the large number of stressors in their lives. While many environmental factors are often beyond your control, we help clients identify and minimize the controllable environmental stressors and triggers which aggravate their symptoms of anxiety.

  • Strategy #2   Physical Sensations  Much of anxiety is actually physiological. (It's not in your head - but in your body.) We help clients combat the physical symptoms of anxiety - which include increased heart rate, increased respiratory rate, muscle tension, sleep disorders, and heightened awareness of danger.

  • Strategy #3  Primary Problems  A key part of NCS's anxiety counseling is to help clients identify and address the underlying problems that feed their anxiety symptoms. 

  • Strategy #4  Cognitive.  We help our clients identify the stressful thoughts that contribute to their stress and anxiety symptoms. Once identified, these thoughts can be changed to bring about new emotions, moods, and behaviors. This strategy has been proven to be extremely effective with clients who suffer from anxiety.

  • Strategy #5   Spiritual Growth. We help clients who want to include this aspect of growth to apply traditional historic soul care methods and spiritual disciplines which help bring about peace and rest. God not only makes peace possible, but He actually helps us enjoy it.  

We can help.

Are you ready to take your next step toward a more calm and peaceful life?

Invest in yourself by sending us a message using the Contact NSC form below.

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