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Boundaries Counseling

Signs you need to improve your personal boundaries.


  • Constantly overwhelmed or stressed due to taking on too many responsibilities or others' problems.

  • Difficulty saying "no" to friends or family members - even when you want or need to.

  • Feeling guilty or anxious when declining requests or favors.

  • Being resentful toward others for their actions or demands, but not communicating or addressing these feelings directly.

  • Feeling alone - even though you are surrounded by friends.

  • Habitually people-pleasing or prioritizing others' needs over your own consistently, leading to neglect of your own well-being.

  • Hesitancy to express your emotions, needs, or desires openly and honestly due to fear of judgment or conflict.

  • Overcommitting yourself in terms of time, energy, or resources, often leading to personal burnout or exhaustion.

  • Tolerating disrespectful behavior from others.

  • Your personal identity is blurred or overshadowed by the expectations or opinions of others.

  • Neglecting self-care practices due to prioritizing others' needs or feeling unworthy of self-care.

  • Experiencing guilt or shame when taking time for yourself or asserting your needs.


If these statements describe you, then you would benefit from a handful of boundaries counseling sessions.   

Turn your life, relationships, and career around. It's time to thrive.

Boundaries counseling strategies


NSC's boundaries counseling helps clients...

  • understand the nature, goals, and practice of good boundaries,

  • expose and address underlying factors and trauma causing your lack of boundaries,

  • address the guilt and shame associated with setting / enforcing boundaries,

  • learn to fight temptations to please everyone,

  • repair relationships damaged by poor boundaries.

In many cases, we can cover this material in as few as five sessionsWhy wait? Let's improve your life and relationships together. 

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We can help. 

Are you ready to take your next step toward a live of good boundaries?

Invest in yourself, your family, and your future by sending us a message using the Contact NSC form below.

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