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Depression, Anxiety, Anger, and others.


Emotions are a great blessing... but they can cause us trouble sometimes. Few of us were equipped for the anxiety, depression, anger, and other emotions of life. 


In a few sessions, we give clients insights, tools, and strategies for managing unruly emotions. 


  • Understanding the Nature of Emotions
  • Calming Emotions
  • Replacing Troubling Thoughts
  • Identifying and Addressing Underlying Problems
  • Choosing Value-based Behaviors
  • Other personalized sessions



5 Sessions

Total value: $ 525.00


* ONLY $425.00 *

Emotional Health Package

  • Equip and encourage your friend to manage uncomfortable emotions like Anger, Anxiety, or Depression.


    5 Personalized Sessions


    *A $525.00 for ONLY $425.00 *

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